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Since 1996 I have worked with most forms of communication, mainly as a creative leader, responsible for brand development and communications for organisations, companies and brands within culture, technology and media. I know that to reach targeted audiences, you need to be real, transparent, sustainable and honest. And to me – as to all people – these words have very particular meaning.


I am available for workshops and lectures, but since november 2018 my daily bread comes from working as a communications director at Skap, Swedens member organisation for composers and lyricists within popular music, as well as taking part in the communications group for ECSA – European Composer & Songwriter Alliance. Both organisations work to modernise copyright rules, and Skap acts as a partner and supporter of members and their interests in Sweden, mainly through awards and scholarships, but also through events, studio spaces and political courtships.


I am also a board member and co-owner of Solros, a green tech start-up and runs my own consulting business where I take on smaller assignments within writing, design, branding and strategy. I have also made music, mainly through my group The Bell and evaluated books and scripts for film companies through the years.


For a more substantial resumé, see my Linkedin profile.