Processing Power

I always loved processes, systems and structures. In fact, when at school I spent a lot more time studying tables of contents, timelines and maps than any texts. Great information graphics has that effect: it makes us learn how things are connected and eases the potential worries launching a new big project may entail.

Tailoring the perfect process for a project is the ultimate way to learn about brands and organisations, as it forces both parties to consider the wants and needs of stakeholders as well as studying the competition carefully. All processes are unique, but basing them on the tried-and-tested Double Diamond* is always a good place to start.

Phases will overlap and need iteration and pre-existing research, team, budgets, deadlines and other factors needs to be taken into consideration before settling on exactly what these ought to contain. To give a good idea about what to expect from the work, here are some typical deliveries for each phase:

* The Double Diamond was introduced by the Design Council (UK) in 2004.


Brands, markets and communication analysis and forecasting. Desk research as well as stakeholders, experts and target groups illumination. Presentation of overlaying trends together with new perspectives and upcoming challenges and opportunities from brand, communication product and service perspectives.

Deliveries: digital maturity scores, brand position (existing/potential) charts, communication efficiency comparison, market trend maps and marketing opportunities.


Fundamental innovation, brand and communication strategies are carefully formulated and iterated based on the discovery phase. Sometime projects start here: when clients has all needed discovery research already and need to act on it.

Deliveries: workshops, presentations and documentation including vision and mission statements, purpose definition or redefinition, manifesto and future vision.


Bringing the defined future to life: divergent work when strategies and core idea(s) has been defined. New product prototypes, storytelling, brand and communication ideas – presented in an immersive and visual manner.

Deliveries: prototypes, story and mood boards, design mockups for apps and web, UX/UI wireframes, application examples.


Creative+productive work in collaboration with coders, UX/UI/graphic designers, content producers and all other needed to deliver all requested material on point and in time.

Deliveries: files, templates, brand and communication portal/guidelines, procured and produced content – all in their most efficient formats.

process leading

For in-house teams and/or clients with existing creative agencies in need of an external brand and innovation resource. Letting knowledgeable partners, employees and collaborators work after a meticulous plan.

Deliveries: mentoring and briefing, meetings, project management (budgeting, recruiting if needed), availability throughout process as requested.

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