Design and art direction = award winning magazine


Fashion & culture magazine



CHALLENGE: A new magazine is like a small child, you need to name it, put some nice clothes on it and guide it in the right direction. I was there for Bon during the birth and infancy, setting the agenda for what was to become an international super magazine. SOLUTION: The logo had to be in a new style to signal, well, newness. In 2000/2001 most fashion magazine logos was boxy like The Face or conservative like Vogue, none was swirly and decorative "to the max". Which is what Bon became. This was balanced with a very strict design agenda, using Univers only for headlines, captions, texts and navigation. Minimalist anti-design. Pretty much what most well made and thoughtful fashion and culture magazines looks like today, 2 decades later. RESULTS: Great numbers, increasing sales and admiration of the business and fashion crowd alike. Winner of "Magazine of the year" award in 2002.